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Home Dental Office Setup Guide
Guide to Digital Dental Office

Integrating technology into your practice is a big step. We have been setting up dental practices since 1999. We also have former dental assistant on our staff. Therefore, we have intimate knowledge of do's and don'ts for your digital dental office. We hope the following articles will get you off to a good start in your transition to a digital dental practice.

Step I: Choosing Practice Management Software

There are so many out there, which one should you use? This is probably the hardest part of the process because everyone has his or her opinion of what you need or should have. Some have more features than the others and cost more.

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Step II: Office Layout Considerations

To have a clean, well-organized, and ergonomic work environment for your staff and a pleasant treatment experience for your patients, pre-planning is vital. Do involve a computer consultant when laying out your office!

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Step III: Computer Network Basics

There are basically two types: Peer-to-Peer and Server Based configuration. Choose the one that fits your needs...

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Step IV: Equipment Recommendations

Do not buy the minimum systems. This will cause you much headache down the road because they are too slow. Stick with the name brands. Why name brands? Because tech support is crucial. When you buy name brands your warranty is usually better and generally a technician will come to your office for ...

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The Final Step: Choosing the Installer/Integrator

You should have Microsoft Certified Engineers set up your network. Make sure that the installer/integrator knows the type of dental software and equipment you are using. Some can set up networks but don't know how to integrate the intra-oral cameras or digital x-ray. Some dental software companie ...